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New season for the Frog!

GeneralPosted by Emma Elliott Wed, September 04, 2019 20:03:07

Hi there!

Soon autumn is upon us and what better then, than to creep up in a corner of the sofa, light some candles, boil a nice cuppa and enjoy a scary book?

The second part of the Nestling at Twilight series will be released during the autumn of 2019. Nestling at Twilight is a collection of short-stories based on the creepy stories in the Creepy Froggy podcast. It will be released in both English and Swedish. Keep your eyes open here for more information shortly!

There are in fact quite a few exciting things planned for the autumn in the wonderful world of Wonderfroggy:

- New books (as described above)
- New vlog episodes (the Creepy Froggy vlog at YouTube)
- New podcast episodes (the Creepy Froggy podcast at PodOmatic)

And that's just a pick of all things happening! Stay tuned to know more!

/The Frog

First ever post!

GeneralPosted by Emma Elliott Sat, April 21, 2018 21:41:08
Hello, this is the Frog making the very first blog entry!

I´m just here to let you know I´ll be making lots more entries here in the future, letting you know about what's going on in my weird and wonderful world of books, stories and mysteries!

Recently Wonderfroggy started a new vlog series called Creepy Froggy, which is available on YouTube. So if you like true creepy stories, make sure to check it out!

So long!

/The Frog

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