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A history of Wonderfroggy - 2011

GeneralPosted by Emma Elliott Thu, September 05, 2019 21:01:49

If you're curious about what the Frog has been up to the last few years, here's a summary - from start to, well not finish because the Frog is not giving up just yet, but to current affairs. We'll start with the first year, 2011:

2011-02-25: Djävulens år ("The Year of the Devil") by Emma C Elliott is the first title of Wonderfroggy. The book is a thriller set in Jämtland. It will be available from 28/2 2011.

2011-04-15: The book competition is finished. You can find the winner here.

2011-08-15:Free delivery when ordering the book Djävulens år ("The Year of the Devil"). Ends in November 2011.

See you in the next post for more Wonderfroggy history!

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