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A history of Wonderfroggy - 2018

GeneralPosted by Emma Elliott Thu, September 05, 2019 21:14:48
Well here's the last history lesson to get you up to date on the life and events of the Frog!
Here's last year's happenings, 2018:

2018-02-20: The Frog can now proudly present the latest developments! Everybody is welcome to visit two brand new blogs, The Frog Blog (which is the Frog's own blog about what's happening at Wonderfroggy) and Made in Emland (which is about redesign and repurposing, reuse and other creativity). But not only that! You who like scary stories - creepy pasta - can check out the new podcast Creepy Froggy at And you who like history that is a bit spooky, i.e. true stories from the past, can eventually check out videos in the Wonderfroggy vlog using the same name for its series, Creepy Froggy, at

Rock on!

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