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A history of Wonderfroggy - 2015

GeneralPosted by Emma Elliott Thu, September 05, 2019 21:08:21
Well hello there folks! This is what happened in the Frog's life in 2015:

2015-05-20: A book event has been booked. It will take place in Hillsand, Jämtland on July 17th. Read more in the calendar!

2015-05-27: Another book even has been booked! It will be on July 11th in Strömsund. Read more in the calendar.

2015-05-28: Wonderfroggy's new website is published!

2015-05-28: Wonderfroggy's latest published title is presented: the fictional book The An gels of Wattholma. The book release is on June 19th in Vattholma. For more information, check the calendar.

2015-06-27: In August, there will probably be a book table in Vattholma focusing on the book The Angels of Wattholma. It will be during the Walloon Week, August 15th-16th.

2015-08-20: Emma Elliott fom Wonderfroggy was interviewed live on Radio P4 Uppland because of her book The Angels of Wattholma. The clip is available here..

So long folks!

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